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Gem Desiccated Coconut The GEM® brand, established in 1926, has a proud heritage of innovation and a reputation for high quality. It is, in fact, the only desiccated coconut product sold under an established brand name. This full fat coconut product (65% minimum), is processed  from freshly-picked mature Philippine coconut, does not undergo fat reduction or extraction process and has a moisture content between 3.5% to 4.1%. Our products are available in a broad range of cuts and sulfite levels. Lastly, all our products are Kosher and Halal certified. Read the Full Story
Tender Fresh Sweetened Coconut
We sweeten the world's finest desiccated coconut that delivers unsurpassed sweet, fresh and tender coconut flavor with just the right amount of moisture.  All products are Kosher and Halal certified.
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Golden Toasted Coconut Always crispy, Golden Toasted® Coconut is uniformly toasted for a distinctive, sugar-roasted coconut flavor. Also available in unsweetened variants and all products are Kosher and Halal certified.
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Value-Added Coconut A finely ground coconut which is unsweetened and made from fresh coconut. It is very versatile and cost effective especially where the flavor, texture and impact of coconut is required.
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Franklin Baker Recipes Coconut makes a delicious difference!

Some of the best-loved desserts and treats just wouldn't be the same without coconut. Coconut brings an unmistakable flavor and texture that makes a culinary creation extra special and more mouth watering.
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Franklin Baker® Retail Products Franklin Baker® Retail Products are available in major Philippine supermarkets and ingredients stores nationwide. Overseas Distributors and Buyers are Welcome! Please send your Inquiries to (632) 894-5950 or Read the Full Story

Desiccated Coconut Products

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Granulated Cut* Description

Medium **
Rice size granules
Macaroon **
Small fine granules
Extra Fine **
Very fine granules
Fine Combination of Macaroon and Extra Fine
Natural Blend Combination of Medium, Macaroon and Extra Fine
Mill Run Blend Combination of Medium and Macaroon
Fine Coarse Coarse granules than Medium

Special Cut* Description

Fancy Chip Short slices of coconut
Mill Run Chip **
Short and long thin slices of coconut
SL Chip Long slices of coconut

Tender Flake **
Long, thin feathery flakes
Ground Flake Short, thin feathery flakes
Special Long Thread Very long threads of coconut
Extra Fancy Shred **
Long threads of coconut
Premium Shred Short threads of coconut

* Available in unsulfited, low and standard sulfite levels

** Available in US warehouses

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Extra Fine


Natural Blend

Mill Run Blend

Fine Coarse

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