Process Operator

Conducts servicing and maintenance of in-process equipment:

Power Grinder, Dryer Operator, Blancher Operator, Toasted – Liquid Ingredient Preparation (TST-LIP) Man Process Operator, White Sweetened Coconut – Liquid Ingredient Preparation (WSC-LIP) Man Process Operator, Special Creamed Coconut (SPCC) / Coconut Concentrate (CNC) Machine Process Operator, Expeller Operator, Coco Water Extraction, Paring Dryer Operator, Flour Operator, VCO Operator, Bulk Operator, Pasteurizer Operator, Paring Oil Operator


  • College level or graduate of Industrial Technology major in Mechanical Technology, vocational course inclined in manufacturing and maintenance servicing
  • At least 1 year work experience in machine shop equipment, with a technical background in Food Manufacturing Plant


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Franklin Baker