We supply one of the broadest lines of coconut ingredients in the industry which give our customers a wide choice of cuts and forms for various applications including pastries, cakes, confectionery, beverages, ice cream, cereals, food coatings, candies, cookies, entrees and much more.

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Creamed Coconut

Finely ground fresh coconut made using a proprietary and hygienic milling process. It is very versatile and cost effective especially where the full flavor, texture and rich aroma of pure coconut is required.

Creamed Coconut

Coconut Concentrate

Coconut Concentrate is a dehydrated coconut refined to a very fine particle with a semi-liquid consistency using a proprietary process which solidifies to a shortening-like paste. It is produced from full fat desiccated coconut with a natural and full flavor.

Stab Coconut Concentrate – M

Coconut Concentrate

Franklin Baker