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Franklin Baker upholds its commitment in promoting and growing the coconut industry sector in the Philippines and in achieving a sustainable future for the agricultural sector. Our mission is to equip Filipino coconut farmers and workers with knowledge, skills and tools that can help improve their farms’ productivity and empower them to build and continue a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Policy on Social Responsibility and Sustainability

We at Franklin Baker affirm our time-honored values of conducting our business fairly, honorably and professionally. We adhere to the highest standards of Social Responsibility and Sustainability in the belief that these are vital for the continuing success of our company.

Key Policy Principles



We provide a safe, secure, stable, and harmonious working environment for our employees and business partners, paramount of which are our coconut farmers. We are committed to operating with fairness and integrity while also empowering our partners to effectively represent themselves in the supply chain. We uphold the dignity of all employees and our business partners with policies and practices designed to safeguard employees’ rights, foster equal employment opportunities and promote diversity in the workplace.



We affirm our unwavering commitment to protect the environment that nurtures our business and our people. We continually ensure that our operations will have little or no negative environmental impact as we actively promote resource conservation and pollution prevention. We champion sustainable agricultural practices that preserve the environment while also optimizing productivity at the farms and enhancing the quality of life in the communities we serve.



We serve our shareholders’ interest while solidly anchored to the principle of integrity. We strive to be a good corporate citizen by being socially responsible and compliant with all applicable laws and government regulations. Based on our corporate values of fairness, honor, and professionalism, our code of conduct guides all actions of our employees and business partners.