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Our Legacy of Quality

With over 100 years of operation, we have established a legacy of quality that has earned the trust of our global partners. We abide by the highest international standards on food safety and quality, while broadening our thrust for chemical-free, pesticide-free and GMO-free products produced in the most sustainable way.

Quality and Food Safety Management

Sustainability Certifications/Memberships


Franklin Baker’s manufacturing plants are renowned for producing the highest quality desiccated, processed and value-added coconut products. Critical to the desiccated coconut industry, and our constant focus, are quality attributes such as cut uniformity, consistency, degree of whiteness, moisture levels, sulfite content and the absence of unwanted foreign materials.

Above all else, our compliance with internationally recognized food safety standards related to the microbiological levels in food products and GMP procedures, commands our utmost attention. In pursuit of these exceptional standards, Franklin Baker employs several unique & industry best practices in our manufacturing processes, as well as the use of specialized equipment to help ensure the high quality & safety of our food products.


Our in-house laboratory facilities, after undergoing rigorous testing and validation, have been given accreditation by the Philippine Accreditation Bureau (PAB). The agency, under the Department of Trade and Industry, assesses the technical competence of testing and calibration of public and private laboratories based on the requirements of PNS ISO/IEC 17025 and specific technical requirements.